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Why have your extinguisher maintained?

By January 24, 2013 February 23rd, 2017 Blog

The video clip below demonstrates why it is essential that you have your extinguisher maintained

Manufactures guidelines and the relevant British Standards (BS5306 Pt 3) have strict inspection routines – this is from a 2004 installed 2L AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher, found by one of our BAFE technician engineers and condemned by Fire Crest Fire Protection in 2009.

Like most extinguishers it is made of mild steel, this is very prone to rusting when in contact with either water or as in this case water with chemical additives. For this reason manufactures apply a polythene lining to keep the fluid separate from the steel. Unfortunately the linings suffer from a number of problems, such as in this case splitting as or detaching from the cylinder, known as loss of adhesion (LOA) this can be particularly problematic, because the lining can detach and interrupt the flow of fluid when in use possibly causing a failure to operate.

Not a good thing to happen in a fire!

During the five yearly extended maintenance or when being refilled, a thorough inspection of the internal lining is very important. As in this video the split lining allows water to corrode the internal extinguisher body, corrosion in a pressure vessel can be catastrophic, causing a potential leak or worse case a ruptured cylinder. Corrosion on other parts of the cylinder such as on the neck threads or externally can also be a real cause of concern, potentially causing the extinguisher head to eject.

This is why ALL our extinguisher engineers are fully qualified by the best industry standard examinations, and are refresher trained every three years.

They work under ISO 9001 quality assurance, BAFE SP 103 quality module and are individually BAFE ST 104 audited by a BAFE Auditor.

Fire extinguisher can often contain thousands of pounds of pressure (200 BAR). BAFE approved service credentials are essential to you as a manager or owner of a business to ensure you engage fully trained contractors and to be able to “prove competency” anything less than this, you are risking engaging a incompetent person ?

Why take the risk…….. engage Fire Crest Fire Protection with full BAFE Approvals.


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