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Why are weekly service checks so important?

By April 3, 2018Blog, Company News

All premises must have good fire safety management. Fire Crest work with a variety of businesses, each have their own risk assessment for their building. Completing weekly service and regular maintenance checks is a fundamental part of ensuring you fully fulfill your duty of care and the responsibility of keeping people within your premises safe. These checks can become habitual and as a result,  the thoroughness of checks, identification of risks and maintenance required could be missed.

One of our engineers recently attended a site in response to a fault call out. Our engineer found the fault, connected to a magnetic lock on a fire door. Simple, open the door and fix the fault…that’s when we discovered the true fault, the door had swollen due to the recent wet weather, after 6 or 7 good shoulder barges the door opened. The issue, is that this door is a fire exit, and as a result it should open with ease and be usable by anyone. (Not just an engineer with strong shoulders). The weekly checks had been completed by the responsible person on the premises and this hadn’t highlighted that the swollen door would prevent the fire evacuation strategy for the building and potentially cause severe risk to the persons in the event of an emergency evacuation. This is because the door would not have opened and allowed for the escape of the persons within the premises.

Ensuring the weekly fire checks are carried out thoroughly is imperative. This includes a variety of checks and regular maintenance. This is where we can help. Fire Crest Fire Protection offer weekly or periodic service checks as a specialist contractor. One of our third party accredited staff will visit the premises and perform the checks for you. We would then keep you up to date with any potential identified issues and ensure that your fire safety management is kept up to date and maintained within the premises.

Our website outlines some of the “Weekly service checks” we can provide. Fire Crest offer a range of products and services and are always happy to help. Contact us today to find out more. Weekly service checks