Good fire safety management of premises is a very important part of your Duty of Care. All the fire equipment in the premises has a planned maintenance schedule. The schedule is the responsibility of either the “competent person” a qualified engineer or a nominated “responsible person” IE an owner, manager or appointed person with permission or authority to act upon arising problems. Sometimes when absentee landlords or the responsible person cannot comply with the required periodic checks, they can arrange for a private contractor to help. Fire Crest Fire Protection offer Weekly Service Checks.

We offer the service of periodic and Weekly Service Checks, we will supply and install a document box and log book, then on a agreed schedule visit the premises to check on the following:

  • Fire Alarm is live and working
  • Test manual call points or a detector to confirm activation
  • Visual check all emergency lights
  • Activate emergency lights
  • Visual check extinguishers
  • Visual check fire signs
  • Visual check fire escape routes for any stored rubbish, bikes, or other obstructions that should not be there
  • Visual check all fire doors are undamaged, where possible closing and latching properly
  • Visual check all relevant fire exits are free, working and unobstructed
  • Check any exits to open air are closing shut properly especially in sleeping accommodation where security and prevention of arson is important.
  • Visual check the exterior of the property for fire door obstructions, signage, any emergency lights, storage of rubbish, and general arson prevention measures.
  • Update our worksheets with any problems to action
  • Update fire log book
  • Communicate any arising problems with the owner or agent.
  • Provide a quotation as a one stop shop approach to solving any problem

This management process is a major part of a fire brigade inspection, it is point scored as part of the audit, and can be used either as evidence for you in a case of good practice or against you in event of bad practice and a following prosecution.

We can provide Weekly Service Checks or a periodic service, please call for a discussion and quotation on 0800 092 40 21, alternatively leave us your details and we will call you back.

Alternatively if you want to do the check yourselves we can supply the document box and log book.Of course we also offer the Annual and Bi annual checks on you equipment as well . Call 0800 092 40 21 for a chat on setting this up.

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