Essential fire training for business professionals and staff

In a modern business environment, constant training is essential, especially when it’s a mandatory health and safety requirement. Our certificated fire training provides best practice and maximum protection for your customers, your staff and your business.

Accidents do happen, and even the best-trained people make mistakes.

In the event of even the smallest fire, the Fire Brigade will inspect both the property and the fire management procedures in place. This is where investing in fire training really pays off. With our training, you and your staff will be able to demonstrate practical fire management that complies with the latest legislation. Real peace of mind!

Our Fire Training

We offer both Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher Use training, delivered by some of the best trainers in the South West, who are also recently retired senior Fire Brigade personnel.

Both courses can be adapted to your company’s needs and delivered at your premises or in our training room. Our in-house courses also mean you can send staff in smaller numbers, therefore reducing your business downtime.

If you believe that there are specific risk’s associated within your business, please let us know as our trainers will consider this during the course.

Fire Training

We also offer Online Fire Wardens Training and Online Fire Awareness Training, complete with tests and certification, allowing employees to log in and work through the content whenever’s convenient.

Fire Wardens Training

Focusing on fire safety management, controlling risks and hazards and the Fire Warden’s role, this course also combines our Fire Extinguisher Use training.

It’s mainly aimed at those responsible for fire safety in their workplace, but all staff will benefit from completing this more comprehensive training.

Our course dates are often booked quite quickly, we are always happy to arrange additional courses, we can add extra days specifically for companies where attendee numbers are sufficient. Please contact for more details.

The course lasts approximately six hours, and refreshments and lunch are provided for our in-house courses.

2018 will see more dates being made available for our training courses. We keep our page up-dated with spaces available but we understand that companies need flexibility when sending staff for training, with this in mind we are able to cater the Fire Training to suit a customers availability.

We run a minimum of 1 course per month, every month. With our flexible approach you can send members of your team at different times and dates, lowering the impact on the day to day running of your Business.

For more information on our Fire Wardens training, click here.

Fire Extinguisher Use Training

This course covers uses presentations and videos, we’ll provide attendees with an overview of uses in specific situations, and demonstrate the use of a dry powder extinguisher. We also use a gas-powered live fire training rig, giving your staff the chance to use water, foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers on a real fire.


For more information on our Fire Extinguisher Use training, click here.

Online Fire Training

We offer Online Fire Wardens Training and Online Fire Awareness Training, which employees can access and work on at any time.

Not sure which training you need? Call us for advice on 0800 092 4021 or use our contact form and we’ll be in touch.


To access the login area, please contact us we can then set up user requirements ready to take the course.