Signage - Emergency Escape route signs BS EN ISO 7010

Signage – Emergency Escape route signs BS EN ISO 7010


Fire Crest offer Everlux Signage – Fire and Safety, there are several types and sizes available to order. Fire and safety signs allow a premise to comply with mandatory fire regulations for a building, they also assist the occupants escape and safety in an active fire situation.

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Product Description

Signage – Emergency Escape route signs BS EN ISO 7010

Fire exit signs play a pivotal role in emergency evacuation. We offer a large range of photo-luminescent emergency fire exit signs with the character moving in both left and right directions with ‘fire exit’ and ‘exit’ text, and all options available in smaller and larger sizes, including the Signage – Emergency Escape route signs BS EN ISO 7010

All of the signs we offer are suitable for a number of different premises types including domestic properties, hotels, offices, factories, flats, leisure centers and commercial properties.

Some of the signs available in this range have a choice of sizes depending on the location of the sign and personal preference. All of these signs are suitable for all types of premises such as hotels, apartments, offices, restaurants and domestic properties. If you have many assembly points, the assembly point sign with the labelled letter or number may be useful in order to establish which assembly point you should go to wherever you are in the building. If you would like to purchase this sign please specify which letters or numbers you require when ordering.  If you require a slight variation of any of the signs in this range or a more customised version please do not hesitate to contact us.

These signs used in conjunction with other fire safety equipment such as fire escape signs, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are required in order to comply with British standards. All of this equipment is installed to provide a fast and efficient evacuation and assembly in the correct area in an emergency situation and to ensure that everyone from the building is safe.

As well as assembly point signs, we also offer a vast range of other fire safety equipment. If you require any of these products in addition to fire exit signs, please feel free to browse our range.

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