Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable


New and innovative Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable

Great for use at Festivals, campsites and other open spaces

Available with a variety of options, please use the drop down menu to make your selection.

Please get in touch with any questions or queries that you may have – we would love to hear from you.




This new and innovative Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable, has been designed with usability in mind. The traditional design has never really changed, despite the fact it it now used in very different ways. The Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable is only available from specially selected retailers and is a new and fresh approach.

The new design is stronger, more stable and has a multi-location ability, along with ease of storage. There are option’s available to the end user, this means this Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable can be used by most people, for most requirements, especially for external locations such as; festivals, events, campsites or wide open public spaces used infrequently but in need of fulfilling statutory obligations in Fire Safety. (The stand featured folds into 3 sections for storage).

We are happy to supply the Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable with alarms and extinguishers or with selected variables suited to the user. Please do call us.

We have created some standard configurations for you to choose from, but we are happy to discuss your requirements

When making a choice about the configuration you require for the Fire Extinguisher stand – Portable, you should always check that an extinguisher is suited to the property or premises you have. If you are in doubt, you should always consult a professional for further help and advice. Below we have briefly explained the types of fire. Each Fire Extinguisher will have labeling that shows the type.

Types of fire;

Class A – Combustible Fire’s are the most common type of fire. Materials may include; Paper, wood, textiles, rubber, and some plastics.

Class B – Flammable liquids may include; Petrol, solvents and paints.

Class C – Flammable gases may include butane,propane and petroleum gases.

Class D – Metal fires

Electrical fires – C02 or  Dry Powder extinguishers are generally used for electrical fires.

Class F – Cooking oil fires are common both within the home, businesses and professional kitchens. Wet Chemical extinguishers are generally used for these types of fire.

MultiChem – Covers A, B and F

Please note we can customise the configuration of extinguishers, to suit an individual requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Additional information

Fire Extinguisher Stand


Fire Extinguisher Stand - Alarm Type

no alarm, Rotary bell, Push button

Fire Extinguisher Stand - Alarm - Extinguishers

No default stand Fire Extinguisher Stand – Alarm – Extinguisher, No Extinguishers, Water 6Ltr Water 6Ltr Powder 6Kg, Water 6Ltr Water 6Ltr C02 2Kg, Envirofoam 6Ltr Envirofoam 6Ltr C02 2Kg, Envirofoam 6Ltr Envirofoam 6Ltr Powder 6Kg, Foam 6Ltr Foam 6Ltr C02 2Kg, Foam 6Ltr Foam 6Ltr Powder 6Kg, Envirofoam 6Ltr Envirfoam 6Ltr MultiChem 6Ltr, Foam 6Ltr Foam 6Ltr MultiChem 6Ltr, Powder 6Kg Powder 6Kg C02 2Kg


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