Evacuation Chairs


Evacuation chairs safe efficient evacuation in an emergency. Various designs and styles available

Considers comfort of both the user and the person handling the chair

5-6 days delivery time



Product Description

Evacuation Chairs safe efficient evacuation in an emergency.

Evacuation Chairs are suited to a variety of locations and premises in an emergency situation. These premises may have stairways or steps. Evacuation chairs are used where several floors are a consideration.

All locations and premises have a duty of care to ensure that people can escape in an emergency. Evacuation chairs assist safe efficient evacuation in an emergency

Evacuation Chairs, aid evacuation but also ensure safety, comfort and maneuverability. This is both for the person using the chair and also the person assisting with the evacuation, in the event of an emergency situation. Lifts cannot be used in the event of a fire. The Evacuation chairs offer an alternative to people with mobility impairments. The evacuation chairs may also be used for people with short term illnesses or people who need assistance maneuvering quickly in an emergency.

Evacuation Chairs offer safe efficient evacuation in an emergency and are available in different designs and styles. The include a variety of features and benefits such as extra slim storage, narrow space operation, quick and easy opening. Our listed catalogue page has more details. Please contact us for orders of the Elite model.

Some Evacuation Chairs are single person operation, others are two to four people operation. We have a range of products available that will fulfill most needs and requirements. There are also a range of additional products available, such as dust covers for when the product is not in use and location signage. The Exitmaster range features SOLGo Technology; Single operator Load and Go. Enabling the evacuation chairs safe and efficient evacuation in emergencies. Evacuation chairs safe efficient evacuation in an emergency.

It is important that people using the evacuation chair, are aware of how to use it safely and follow the manufacturers instructions.

Health and safety of people within the premises, is a consideration of any premises or location.

An alarm may be a consideration to enable the alarm to be raised and heard in case of an emergency that requires use of the evacuation chair. Evacuation chairs safe evacuation during an incident, the alarm will draw attention to the person needing assistance, this would be beneficial if their was a large distance between the person and escape route or other’s that may not realise assistance is required.

If you need any further advice or information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Additional Information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 141 cm

eGo, Versa Evacuation Chair, Elite


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