Dorgard Fire Door Retainer


The Dorgard Fire Door Retainer is a wireless fire door retainer, the door is held open until the fire alarm sounds and then it automatically closes.

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Dorgard Fire Door Retainer is wireless, it will hold the door open until the fire alarm sounds and then it will automatically close.

It helps with access and also prevents the need to open and close heavy fire doors regularly. It can help with ventilation throughout the building as the door can be kept open. In the event of the alarm sounding, the fire door will close automatically. The alarm must sound continually for 14 seconds or more.

The Dorgard Fire Door Retainer doe’s not require wiring, therefore it is an easy fix solution. It works with existing fire alarms. It can, if required, be activated by radio signal. The Dorgard also uses a radio transmitter making it suited to loud and busy environments. It can be installed in under 5 minutes and meets all regulatory regulations.  EN115 35 3to7 110

The Dorgard Fire Door Retainer is powered by batteries, the plunger is pushed down, this means the door can be held open at any angle. The Dorgard listens for the Fire Alarm sound, once it hears the alarm sound, the Dorgard then releases the plunger and the door will then close. The Dorgard is installed at the bottom of the door. It can be used in areas with slippery floors.

The user can set timed daily releases.

Power size – EN7. The maximum weight of he door 160Kg. Maximum door width 1600mm. Fire rated for 60mins.

Batteries required – 2 x 1.5V C size (24month life span) Batteries must be checked and changed regularly.

White units in stock, please enquire to order Black units.

If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. Price shown Includes VAT Delivery – 3 -4 days.

Dorgard unit dimensions; Overall height – 205mm, Width – 195mm, Depth – 45mm, Casing Height – 150mm, Weight – 700g.

Each Dorgard is supplied with a Bump Stop Floor Plate and Flush Floor plate as required.

Bump Stop floor plate dimensions – Weight – 62.2g, Length – 150mm, Width – 77.5mm, Bump stop height – 27mm, Height – 3.5mm

Flush floor plate dimensions – Weight – 19.4g, Length – 77.5mm, Width 63.5mm, Height – 3.5mm

The casing is made of ABS Plastic. Manufactured by Fireco.

Part Numbers included – Unit – DG2000; Bump stop floor plate – DG2610, DG2610-Flat

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Weight 0.900 kg

White, Black


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