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Fire Crest can provide Fire Extinguishers, both on a rental or purchase basis for events. We can also supply a Portable Fire Extinguisher stand – Suited to shows, events, campsite locations.

Fire Crest have designed two new types of stand, the first featuring  an innovative approach, a “H Plate base” this can be pegged to the ground, to stop it toppling over. The second stand has wheels but also has a square base, this allows room for a Fire Bucket with sand, or other Fire Safety equipment to be stored. Traditionally, the stands can be very unstable and hard to locate for fear of them toppling over. The H plate base and the box style base have a balance point, this means they are less likely to topple over.  The key brief was a  “Portable Fire Extinguisher stand – Suited to shows, events, campsite locations”. Offering excellent coverage but considering risks from the previous and traditional design of the stand.

Robert Catanzaro, Managing Director of Fire Crest has over 20 years experience in the Fire industry and identified, the need to keep the public safe, at events, shows and campsites. Robert decided the traditional stands, needed improvement. He worked alongside Checkfire based in Cardiff, to get the first iteration produced. This led to many further amendments and adjustments, including trying to push it over and walking it around, just to check how portable the stand was.

It was also clear that the public needed to be able to locate the fire safety equipment with ease. The high rise signage pole was created. This made the stand more visible even from a distance. The upright signage clearly highlights the location of the Fire extinguishers. Using photo-luminescent signage means that even at night, the stand signage is visible. Different configurations of extinguishers are available inside the box.

If you have a campsite, show or event soon and require Fire Safety site coverage, we have a variety of Portable Fire Extinguisher stand – Suited to shows, events, campsite locations drop us a line to talk through your requirements.


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