Fire Crest Fire Protection offer a variety of solutions to ensure our customers fulfill their requirements to comply with mandatory Fire Regulations.

There are a variety of products available, one traditional solution is a Sprinkler system, sprinkler systems are costly to install and can cause significant water damage, after activation.

Fire Crest offer a different solution. PUCK Water Mist systems are a new approach to Fixed Fire Protection. PUCK is a great alternative to a sprinkler system.

PUCK  Water Mist systems (Fire suppression) help to suppress and control the fire, reducing the spread. The system reduces the production of heat and smoke, allowing occupants chance to escape in safety or be rescued.

Water mist nozzles trigger at a pre-determined temperature, discharging water over the specified area below. The pump interface initiates the sound of an alarm. The water mist nozzles operate when a unit is individually heated, above the operating temperature. The mist circulates with the smoke and heat of the fire, cooling the fire down by adding moisture.

On average the PUCK mist system uses 80% less water than a traditional sprinkler, resulting in less water damage within the premises, whilst maintaining the standard as set out within BS:8458 and BS:9252.

Our PUCK Water Mist suppression system is very discrete, it is therefore suited to more design conscious premises, whilst offering complete protection. Our system offers competitive pricing due to an efficient system for design and ease of installation. There is a self testing facility, adjustments to the self test can be carried out via a companion app. The unit is monitored via the app, in real time, this means it reports any faults or activation’s.

Why a Fire Mist systems;

  • Competitive pricing
  • Compact pump unit
  • Discrete nozzle and pump fixing
  • Low flow system
  • Customisation of self test facility
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Tested to BS:8458 AND BS:9252
  • Notifications to your phone or smart device

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Technical and detailed information;

Suitable for;

Domestic occupancy;

*Single family dwellings such as:

*Individual dwelling house, maisonette, flat or Mobile home

*Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) See A)

*Bed and Breakfast Accommodation and Boarding houses (See A)

*Blocks of flats 18m or less in height and with a maximum total floor area of 2 400m2 (See B, C)

Residential occupancy;

Sheltered and extra care housing, residential care premises a& Residential rehabilitation accommodation Dormitories & Hostels

*Blocks of flats greater than 18m in height (See C)

  1. A) Buildings with more than two floors and five or more lettable bedrooms should be treated as a residential occupancy.
  2. B) Where the fire strategy requires the communal rooms and corridors to be protected by a water mist system, then the building should be treated as a residential occupancy
  3. C) This height is the height of the floor of the top storey above ground.


*Puck uses flexible pipework installed behind a fire rated barrier

*Only certified Puck products to be used to ensure system performance

*Connected water source must supply a minimum of 12 Litres per minute at a pressure of bar.

*Pump unit must be installed within a ventilated space.

*Easy interface with fire alarms systems

*Wireless monitoring option

*Stainless steel pipework used where system is not installed behind fire rated barrier

“No need to have an additional water main installed from the street to the property”.