Fire hose reels cornwallAll too often fire hose reels can be installed and then forgotten about. With years of experience in the fire industry Fire Crest Fire Protection can ensure your fire hose reels in Cornwall are serviced and well maintained.

Fire Crest Fire Protection provides professional annual maintenance contracts for your fire hose reels.

Apart from the normal service procedure, we have invested in the correct equipment to measure and test the flow rate and water pressure.

The hose itself needs to be either pressure tested or replaced every five years. Again we have invested in the equipment to offer hose pressure testing, which means you won’t necessarily need to replace the hose, ultimately saving you money.

This thorough service ensures that the hose reel will function properly as and when it may be needed.

What’s more, with an on-going fire hose reel service agreement you never have to think about your hose reel again! We’ll call you to arrange each service.

We also offer a full installation service, repair or replacement of hose reels and pipework.

If you think you need a hose reel, or have a query regarding them, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 0800 092 4021