We provide annual fire extinguisher servicing on any extinguisher purchased or rented from us, to ensure your extinguishers will work as expected, and can be relied upon in the event of a fire.

Annual fire extinguisher servicing includes:

  • Checking safety clips, pins and other safety indicating devices
  • Checking pressure indicating devices and performing tests to confirm pressure
  • External examination for damage
  • Weighing the extinguisher to check against manufacturer’s weight and previous service recorded weight
  • Checking operating instructions
  • Checking pressure charges
  • Checking and cleaning the head operating mechanism, replacing any rings and seals as required
  • Checking any hoses
  • Updating the maintenance label
  • Inspecting the wall mounting bracket and correcting any problems
  • Completing an inspection report
  • Providing a verbal and written report of any important issues
  • Providing a certificate of inspection to BS 5306 Pt3 2009
  • Providing an equipment list

Where possible we also report on any inconsistency of fire cover to BS 5306 Pt8 and report on the extinguisher wall signs.

We also carry out an extended maintenance service, which includes discharging and refilling the extinguisher to check it operates as it should, complying with BS 5306 Pt3 2009 (6.2).

Depending on the type of extinguisher, the intervals are as follows:

Water & Water with Additives – every five years

Foam & Foam Spray – every five years

Wet Chemical – every five years

Carbon Dioxide – every five years

Dry Powder – every five years

We can advise on the number, size and types of fire extinguishers your property needs, which you can buy or rent from us, complete with our weekly checks and annual maintenance services for added peace of mind.

We also offer both Fire Warden and Live Fire training. We are able to provide the training at our head office or on a customers site.

Call us for a free no-obligation fire extinguisher maintenance quote on 0800 092 40 21 or complete our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.