What are Dry Risers? 

Dry risers are often used in large buildings with more than four floors, such as a hospital. They are a vertical pipe which distributes highly-pressurised water to the upper floors of buildings.

In a fire, the fire brigade connects a hose to the inlet breeching valve on the ground floor. They then attach an additional hose to the riser landing valve on one of the upper floors. This is more practical than trying to get a hose up to the top floors, saving time, money and lives.

Below is an image of the apparatus we use to test a dry riser:

Installing Dry Risers

Fitted retrospectively or included during the build, dry risers help meet building control fire fighting requirements.

Dry Risers on a building

This is an example of a retro-fitted dry riser. The client had difficulties with the original building design so an external design was agreed, minimising disruption to occupants and decor.

Delivered within three weeks of inital concept, on time and on budget, it provides a solution to the client and building control compliance. The install team successfully overcame and managed a working at height issue with confidence and in complete safety.


If you require a dry riser, or need to discuss whether or not you do, email our team here or call us on 0800 092 4021.