Sprinkler Systems in Cornwall

Commercial Sprinkler Systems in CornwallDuring large, fast moving fires people often panic,  don’t know where to go or how to use hose reels or fire extinguishers. In some cases, they may not even be able to access them either.

Sprinkler systems work very simply and are completely automatic. They burst open when they get hot, spray water on the fire and stop heat and smoke from trapping people, efficiently controlling the fire.


Did you know……….

  • 99% of fires are controlled by sprinklers alone
  • Automatic sprinkler systems are used more than any other fixed fire protection system, with over 40 million fitted world-wide per year
  • Sprinklers use 85% to 90% LESS water than the Fire Brigade would use to extinguish a similar fire
  • Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings
  • Since 1945 no one in the UK has died as a result of a fire in a building fitted with a sprinkler system.
Installing sprinkler systems in properties

Sprinkler systems have been proven in use for well over 100 years because they effectively protect peoples’ lives, property, businesses, jobs, and the environment.

Up until recently, they were mainly installed in commercial properties. Now there’s growing recognition that sprinkler systems effectively improve safety levels in domestic and residential buildings too, preventing the spread of fire and offering additional life safety to occupants.

We offer a full design, installation and commissioning service of domestic and residential systems. We’ll advise on the appropriate system for your property and install it in compliance with British Standards BS 9251:2005 and BS EN 12845 2004.

The importance of maintenance

Sprinkler systems can often be neglected, as they form part of the architectural fire cover of the building.

However, neglected systems will be a factor in any post fire investigation by both the Fire Brigade or Police and insurance companies.

Once we’ve designed and installed your system, we will maintain your system to ensure it keeps working efficiently, protecting your property at all times.


A water mist system may be more suitable in some instances – to find out more about our solutions please click here


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