Demonstrating professionalism with your management of fire safety 

Fire Log Books are important record is necessary to comply with fire regulations; they contain the details of when your essential fire checks and servicing have been undertaken.

With years of experience, Fire Crest Fire Protection can undertake the fire safety checks required for your fire log book to ensure you’re complying with current legislation.  This can include:

  • Emergency lighting checks
  • Number of fire extinguishers, types and servicing
  • Fire alarm checks and testing
  • Checking escape routes are clear and safe

Depending upon your premises, the fire safety equipment you have in place, and the items being checked, bespoke packages are put together to meet your needs; whether this is weekly fire alarm checks, monthly emergency lighting checks, or annual fire extinguisher servicing – all of which is recorded in your fire log book to ensure fire regulations are met.

After completing any fire related work at your premises, an engineer should ask to sign your log book, often it is not available when needed. Best practice it to fit a document box in a convenient place, use it to store all your fire related items, such as certificates, alarm user instructions, building plans, zone charts etc. Having well organised “management of your documents” is one of the audit points by the fire brigade.

Demonstrating professionalism in this area is a easy way of helping with the overall “point scoring” procedure on a fire audit. As an additional sense of importance, fire log books can be used as evidence either by the Fire Brigade or Police in any ongoing post fire investigations.

Our engineers carry approved Log Books on the vans, if your an existing customer, just ask at the time of the next service. Otherwise we just call to arrange the delivery or delivery and fitting at your convenience.

Log Books are £9.95 + VAT

Document Box £38.50 + VAT

If you are having problems complying with your weekly check obligations we are able to offer a weekly check.

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Fire Log Books