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The Dodgy Fire Door of the Year Award goes to…..

By August 11, 2014Blog
bad examples of fire safety

When is a fire door not a fire door? When it has a hole cut into it

It’s a hotly contested title amongst businesses but the winner of the 2014 Dodgy Fire Door of the Year Award has been announced. And it’s a worthy recipient.

Photographed in an undisclosed care home, this fire door has been rendered completely useless with the neat creation of a great big hole to accommodate a stair lift.

Other examples of useless fire doors given special mention in the awards included a damaged door in a hotel that would provide little or no protection to guests and staff in the event of a fire, and a scratched and worn fire door in a hospital whose effectiveness was also comprised.

But none of those get close to the ultimate in pointless fire safety…. congratulations Undisclosed Care Home.

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