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Aspirating Smoke Detection Uses

By December 17, 2015 February 16th, 2017 Blog


FAAST is designed for use in a wide variety of locations and environments:

Mission Critical

Downtime is a problem for any site, but for mission critical applications every second lost, every transaction missed, any data or equipment destroyed can mean huge losses. FAAST alerts facility managers hours, even days before the first indication of system trouble – helping them keep their mission critical facilities up and running 24/7 and preventing unnecessary activation of suppression systems.

  • Clean rooms
  • Datacentres
  • Telecoms
  • IT facilities
  • Archiving facilities
Harsh Environments

Non-combustion related particles such as dust and humidity are the main causes of false alarms and device failure in extreme environments with high levels of contamination. FAAST uses sophisticated multi-stage filtration techniques and advanced optics to distinguish these particles and eliminate false alarms.

  • Manufacturing facilities e.g. food
  • Cold storage
  • Heavy industrial and petrochemical plants
  • Power generation
  • Waste recycling plants
Large Open Spaces

Applications with large and high open spaces present challenges for traditional smoke detectors, due to potential smoke stratification and varying environmental conditions. For example in open public spaces such as stadium, airport terminal or theater evacuations can be difficult therefore false alarm immunity and accurate detection is vital. In applications such as warehouses and hangars ability to eliminate false alarms and provide early smoke detection is critical in order to deliver uninterrupted operation and protect valuable stock and equipment. FAAST is ideal for such applications due to its high accuracy, early smoke detection and ability to eliminate nuisance alarms.

  • Stadiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Warehouses
  • Atriums & hotel lobbies
  • Airports & aircraft hangars
  • Distribution centers
  • Large maintenance areas
  • Auditoriums & theatres
  • Indoor sports facilities
Discrete Detection

When aesthetics matter, a discrete smoke detection solution is essential. FAAST provides the earliest and most accurate smoke detection available to protect high-value items from fire. Detectors can be located in remote, easily accessible locations for routine maintenance and monitoring, whilst the pipe network is hidden.

    • Historic buildings
  • Museums/galleries/high-end architecture
  • Shopping centres
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