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By January 24, 2013Blog

Passionate about our profession!
That why we invest in a quality assurance process BAFE SP 203………
Choosing your alarm is an investment in your customer’s life, your staff’s life and your business life.

We have 20 years of providing the very best of service in Cornwall

“That’s 20 years of experience that can be applied to help your business”

Most commercial properties only need a fire alarm fitted or upgraded once every 20 to 30 years.
So make it a good one !
Selecting the correct one from the many choices of systems and installers can be a worrying task.
Its not just down to price !!!
A fire alarm is a “critical part of your business” your choice of contractor is as important as the choice of alarm system. We pride ourselves on providing a long term relationship based on “quality economy and good service”
When choosing an alarm the key points are:

Reliability through good design
The last thing you want is a badly designed and configured alarm that will be disrupting your business, causing you false alarm headaches at all times of the day and night. We pride ourselves in providing a business consultation to ensure a balance of economy and professional installation of quality products to ensure you get a fire alarm with “ZERO FALSE ALARM RATE” Our representatives are qualified fire alarm designers, meaning we have full confidence to issue a design certificate, an essential part of British Standards and your ultimate proof that the alarm meets the required standard.

A compliant alarm for the fire brigade and as a defence against any future prosecution
Choose an installer with a detailed knowledge of the correct type of alarm to suit your property and business use, and not having to pay to upgrade the alarm a second time if the Fire Brigade say its not sufficient.

Readily available components for future servicing
Some systems use unusual components or “closed protocol” components not easily sourced in the future, we only use “open protocol” easily replaceable components. Closed protocol systems are usually supplied by larger firms who either manufacture systems for their own use or select exclusive agents in regional territories. This essentially means that any future maintenance, replacement components or alterations to the alarm can only be sourced through an agent. Component prices and call out charges usually reflect the lack of competition and can be very expensive and often customer suffer from poor service. We only use open protocol components, this means that if we ever let you down you can change to other alarm companies, who should have the ability and skills to carry on the service.

Good back up and service
We have four trained and experienced employed engineers all resident within Cornwall  available for 24 / 7 call outs, they have that desire to please mentality that reassures you when you need it most.

Our Quality Assurance is your Quality Assurance
So why choose Fire Crest as your BAFE approved SP203 installer ?

  • We have attended training courses We are third party accredited by outside experts in our field
  • We have £5,000,000 in efficacy insurance
  • We are accredited in Design, Installation, Commissioning and Future Maintenance
  • In the event of a fire, you can have the confidence that we have the professional credentials to demonstrate you have employed a “competent person”

BAFE Approvals exist to provide a quality system to measure the quality of work against the acknowledged standard. Otherwise who else confirms that the alarm system is compliant?

The Fire Brigade are NOT the alarm inspectors, YOU are responsible for the system and any consequences of it being not fit for purpose or incompetently installed.

SP203 gives you the reassurance that we have installed or maintained the system to the correct standard ensuring and that we have provided the alarm system you have paid for.

 Exercise your “Duty of Care” by ensuring you employ a “competent fire safety contractor”
What the official government publications say.
Taken from each of the eleven official Guidance Documents
Section 8
Quality Assurance of Fire Protection Equipment and Installation
Fire protection products and related services should be fit for their
purpose and properly installed and maintained in accordance with
the manufacturer’s instructions or a relevant standard.
Third party certification schemes for fire protection products
and related services are an effective means of providing
the fullest possible assurances, offering a level of quality,
reliability and safety that non-certificated products may lack.
This does not mean goods and services that are not third party
approved are less reliable, but there is no obvious way in which
this can be demonstrated.
Third party quality assurance can offer comfort, both as a means
of satisfying you that goods and services you have purchased are
fit for purpose, and as a means of demonstrating that you
have complied with the law.
However, to ensure the level of assurance offered by third party schemes,
you should always check whether the company you employ
sub-contracts work to others. If they do, you will want to
check that the subcontractors are subject to the same level of
checks of quality and competence as the company you are employing.
 Your local fire and rescue service, fire trade associations or
your own trade association may be able to provide further details about
third party quality assurance schemes and the
various organisations that administer them.


The difference in price is often negligible……

But the long term cost can be enormous ?