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Flexible arrangements to suit your circumstances.

Partly due to the success of the business, we are always looking for compatible businesses to add to our already growing customer base.

Particularly if you are in our market sector and want to look at an exit strategy or just want to gradually reduce your hours and responsibility then please call us.

Perhaps your dispirited by the every increasing burdens to increase your Quality Assurance Approvals or struggling with the immense amounts of red tape in modern day business, perhaps you or your family have health considerations, maybe you just want to take life easy as the years go by and retire !

You might want to sell the business but still have a salary to help phase out of the business over time ?

Having built up a business you will probably feel a responsibility to your customers to ensure they are handled with the same personal touch you have given them in the past. We have a small very well qualified, and very personable team with a strong ethical long term relationship mindset.

Over the years we have acquired two local companies. Allowing for a normal churn rate of clients going out of business, we have a almost 100% retention rate of customers, satisfied with us as new service providers.

We like to think we are good at keeping “your” promises.

If you want a completely confidential informal chat, then please call on our free phone number 0800 092 40 21.

Remember, choosing how to best dispose of your business takes time and attention, particularly considering efficient capital gains tax planning.

Best advice is to start the process well before you “have” to ……….

In confidence ask for Robert the managing director on

0800 092 40 21 or email robert@extinguisher.com


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